Keyword Analysis

Keywords play a leading role to get high rankings in search engines. (Other factors that included in search rankings are keyword density, outbound links, inbound links, and link popularity of Keywords). Select the suitable keyword according to your requirement and the quality of traffic you expecting. Generally less competitive keywords have more chances to come in top ranking in search engines.

We start keyword analysis to keep website content and relevancy in mind and use following two aspects:

Keyword Popularity (number of searches)
Keyword Competition (exact searches)

Note : Find exact searches of a particular keywords by putting keyword between “” (double quotes) in Google search. Ex: “keyword”.

Title and Meta Tag Analysis:

If we are optimizing a site first time we take less competitive keywords. For example Beach hotels in India showing 10,000 results on search engine while beach hotel showing 50,000 results, in this case we will select beach hotels in India keyword.

In Title tag, we should use maximum 80 characters.
In a Meta (Keyword and Description) tag, we should use maximum 260 characters for meta-tag Keyword; 280-300 characters for meta-tag description.

For Keyword Analysis different free tools are available on Internet. some of them are;

No. of Pages
Keywords Analysis & Placement
Title & Meta Tags
25 $
Title & Meta Tags
50 $
Title & Meta Tags
80 $
Title & Meta Tags + Xml Site Map
110 $
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After preparing keyword list by keyword analysis of different site, find out the ranking in search engines to find number of searches and relevancy. At this point we will reject many of words.

If you want to index your site in Search Engine, use the Meta-tag description and Meta- tag keywords attribute on every page of your site. If you don’t want a page indexed, then try the robots exclusion tag. To stop the crawling of your site pages you can use Robot.txt file. In this file we specify the urls we want to get stop by indexing. We place this file on root to tell Google crawlers that don’t read these pages.

SEO Tips:
Entering your keyword in link title will increase your chance of getting ranked in front position for that keyword. Using your top keywords as link anchor text gives you the best chance of top ranking for these keywords.

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